Our Locations

Convenient and Affordable Online Printing across Southeast Asia

Gogoprint was founded in 2015 with the mission to disrupt and modernize the inefficient printing
industry in Southeast Asia. The company first launched in Thailand, but quickly expanded
to both Malaysia and Singapore within a year and a half of its launch. The main tool in
Gogoprint's fight for convenient printing, is its user-friendly website, offering many product at low prices,
through a convenient ordering process.

The e-commerce company uses smart technology to efficiently bundle the printing orders of multiple
customers in the region. Thereby, the company not only reduces paper waste, but also manage to sell
high quality products at much better prices and within faster production times than
every competitor.

Gogoprint is a multinational company, active in different markets throughout Southeast Asia.
While the Gogoprint headquarters are located in Bangkok, Thailand, the company has offices in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia as well as in Singapore
. Further locations in other Southeast Asian countries are already being planned,
and will follow soon. All our offices are centrally located and easily reachable by public transportation, in order to
attract the best talent.